live visuals, projection mapping and installation

window is a projection surface to explore pattern and movement, abstracted from found footage of natural structures and machine motion.

Interview with Inverted Audio

Video directed by Jaroslav Moravec

2016 dates/
November 2016 Even the Strong #3, London.
October 2016 Make Me with Regis, Abdullah Rashim, Dr Rubinstein & Universe of Tang, Corsica Studios, London.
September 2016 TANG: Dreams, London.
August 2016 HOME with Margaret Dygas, Barac, Binh, The Old Baths, London.
July 2016 Francobollo secret show with Strong Asian Mothers + Glass, London.
June 2016 Gottwood festival, Anglesey, Wales.
May 2016 HOME with Raresh, Praslea, Fumiya Tanaka, Studio338, London.
May 2016 Even the Strong #2, London.
April 2016 TANG: Entering the Blue Hole, Universe of Tang, London.
April 2016 Meat Free presents 20 Years of Blueprint Records w/ James Ruskin, Luke Slater, Helena Hauff, Mantra Warehouse, Manchester.
March 2016 BYOB @ Platform, Southwark, London.
February 2016 Inverted Audio x 45ACP, Bussey Building, Peckham, London.
January 2016 ♢♢♢Fraxinus, NKC, Sudanim♢♢♢, Her Records, North London.
January 2016 Universe of Tang, Haunt, Stoke Newington, London.