Orb is inspired by the most elemental geometric shape of all - the earth we live on - divided into slices of light which react independently of each other. The organic light patterns and sparse form are a tribute to our fragile home planet which will only grow more unstable in the future.

The piece is built around custom lighting software which pushes at the intricate, organic edges of lighting control, oscillating between soft and delicate flows at one extreme, and harsh and complex patterns at the other. New light sequences are developed in response to the environment it is exhibited in, whether this is a forest or a nightclub.

Exhibited for 5 Years of Timedance at Village Underground, London, 6th March 2020.

Concept, design, construction, light programming: Matilda Skelton Mace
Software design: Barney Gale
Concept: Harry Butt
Photography: Khris Cowley (first 3 images) and Ania Rewienska Shrimpton

HDPE tubing, LED strips, PVC pipe frame, cable ties, bolts, waterproof cabling, Raspberry Pi, Enttec DMX USB Pro in a custom LED control box, MIDI controller.