Edited Arts x Amoenus: Futureshook

Bespoke suspended light installation designed to be viewed in the round with the performer at the centre and lights triggered live in response to the performance. This piece was an experiment in pushing at the softer, organic edges of lighting control to produce a sculpture which could respond in kind to complex and delicate compositions as well as harsh electronic beats.

Ash Koosha, Shiva Feshareki, Ben Vince & Lucinda Chua and MARMO perform bespoke live sets, pushing the boundaries of Aures London's unparalleled 50-speaker 3D sound system. Futureshook explores the ways in which modern technologies have affected the way we act, create and consume, from the reimagining of turntablism to combining acoustic with electronic instruments and exploring the use of digital audio technology to re-establish personal connections.

Futureshook was a collaboration between Edited Arts and Amoenus at Aures London, 3rd February 2019.

Concept, design, construction, live lighting control: Matilda Skelton Mace
Light programming: Barney Gale
Photography: Elle Dodds

16 x Aluminium LED light tubes, wood, custom software, Raspberry Pi, 8-channel DMX decoder, Enttec USB DMX Pro, MIDI controller.