grow tank

Conceived as the focal point of Universe of Tang's dystopian jungle party, grow tank is an internally reflective, perception-distorting structure filled with plants and lights which can be controlled via MIDI using custom software. Responding to the decaying, industrial nature of the surroundings, a former grain mill turned nightclub, the installation imagines a future in which Earth's temperatures are rapidly rising and plants are not evolving fast enough to survive, and a structure which might be used to help nuture them.

Originally exhibited in the Silo at Griessmuehle, Berlin, for Kille & Universe of Tang present DJ Flush's Birthday Bash, November 2018.

Concept, design, construction, live lighting control: Matilda Skelton Mace
Light programming: Barney Gale

Polycarbonate, LEDs, mirror film, fake plants, custom software, Raspberry Pi, 8-channel DMX decoder, Enttec USB DMX Pro, MIDI controller.